Upgrade / Conversion Packages

  • Since 1994, Rockwell Industries has been helping sawmills to enhance performance and improve the ease of maintenance of their primary breakdown equipment. No matter what machinery you are running you can always improve the performance.
  • A lot of mills today now consider “stalled time” as “down time”. Need more control?  Add more control! Traction and control go hand in hand when you need to improve your feed time.

Additional Control

  • Reduce the weight of your pivot frames and you will reduce the wear and tear on your pivot bearings, pivot cylinders, motors and gear boxes.
  • Convert to telescoping splined drive shafts to power your spiked rolls at the log turner, as well as your rolls at:
    • The bottom head spiked rolls
    • Side head feedrolls
    • Top head press rolls
    • Edger infeed and outfeed rolls

    Check out our selection of feedrolls that can help you maintain the control you require as well as a maintenance friendly ways to stay on top of that control.