Parts and Service

ROCKWELL INDUSTRIES has been manufacturing parts for the sawmill ‘Primary Breakdown Machinery’ since 1994.

The quality of steel we use meets and quite often exceeds the original equipment manufacturers specifications, and because the parts business is such a large component of our manufacturing, we key on that aspect continuously. Simply put, our quality parts, competitive pricing and quick deliveries are hard to beat.

ROCKWELL INDUSTRIES also provides a ‘Service Factor’ to your business such as Rockwell personnel making site visits to your mill to discuss the latest upgrades that will improve your machines performance, as well as installation assistance for any of our parts or upgrade conversions.

Rockwell Industries designs , fabricates, machines, paints and assembles all of our parts and equipment in house.

We design , fabricate, machine, paint and assemble all of our parts and equipment in house. Design consulting and site installation are also available. Call us and find out what we can do for you!