In-Feed Section

  • Complete, Extended & Double Length Infeeds with ease of maintenance at the forefront.
  • Double length infeed chain, any flight, any profile
  • Rockwell Industries has developed an infeed hold down roll with reversible/ replacement teeth.
  • Hold Down Roll conversions to Pneumatic tires (ATV) with “the best Hub in town”
  • Pneumatic tire hold down rolls are becoming a popular conversion for the high-speed small log canters. (Logs from 4” dia. To 18” dia.).  They hold the log firmly with out damaging any fiber, and the lightweight rolls allow you to use less air pressure during the lift cycle.
  • Check out our Quad Spiked Roll conversations for your D.L. Infeed.
  • Quad Spiked rolls carry the log with greater stability across your bottom head and also have more ‘traction control’ for steady feeding as well as improved hold back power.

Log Turners

  • Ask us about adding a compact high speed log turner to your existing log turner. The ultimate choice for “corrective scanning” and turning.
  • Dual Roll & Quad Roll log turners
  • Spiked Roll Drive Conversion with universal splined drive shafts. ‘Take a load off’ your pivot frames with this maintenance friendly conversion.  Let the heavy duty telescoping drive shaft power your spiked rolls, with the motor and reducer ‘fixed’ to the overhead frame, out of harms way.
  • Spiked rolls with replaceable threaded spikes.  “The best spike ever” Never haul your log turner spiked rolls out of the frames again, at least not to redo your spikes.  Our replaceable threaded spikes are best in the industry.
  • Rockwell sports model log turner “The fastest turner in the West.” Just like a sports car, these sport model log turners are quick at the shift, fast through the turns and highly efficient.